The EU Representative, Mr. Hans-Juergen Scheck, the Vice-Chairman of the French urban community of Rochefort-Océan, Bruno Bessaguet, the French Representative, Ms. Franca Berthomier, the Chairman of the NGO CRAterre, Thierry Joffroy and Kilwa Local Project Coordinator, Ms. Tatu Magina listening to one of the tour guide, Ms. Jamila Mpoka after the event.
 Holding the project catalogue titled 'Karibu Kilwa' is the Chairman of Kilwa Islands Tour and Information, Mr. Abdalah Ahmadi.

On Friday 26 August 2016 at  Kilwa Masoko in Coast Region the the European Union (EU) Representative and Head of Finance and Contracts, Mr. Hans-Juergen Scheck, the French Representative of the Head of Cooperation and Cultural Affairs, Ms. Franca Berthomier, together with the District Planning Officer, Mr. Francis Kaunda on behalf of the District Commissioner of Kilwa, participated in a closing ceremony of the Kilwa cultural heritage project.  

The three year project implemented in Kilwa with the support of the European Union and the Government of France has been completed. Titled “Promoting Heritage Resources in Kilwa to strengthen social and economic development”, the project aims to identify, protect and promote heritage resources in Kilwa, Southern Tanzania.
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