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His Excellence Egon Kochanke Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany learning about Mobisol's high quality solar appliances and HD solar Tv at Saba Saba Trade Fair. Saba Saba visitor learning about Mobisol's HD solar TV and solar home systems at the Mobisol booth in Nkurumah Hall at Saba Saba Trade Fair

Germany-based solar-service company Mobisol provides a range of solar home systems with an affordable payment plan and is currently showcasing its largest solar HD TV available at the ongoing Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (Sabasaba).

Mobisol Tanzania Marketing Manager Allan Rwechungura said that the largest solar HD TV recently launched in other markets in East African countries has been optimized for the use with Mobisol’s 200W Solar Home Systems.

“Our largest solar HD TV is of high quality and comes with a two year warranty. Our customers can pay for the solar TV using mobile money in convenient installments, as they acquire the high quality TV together with their Mobisol solar system. The TV was recently awarded by the The Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership as one of the best off grid appliances and is featured in their 2016 guide for outstanding solar and off-grid appliances. We encourage people to visit us at Sabasaba in Nkurumah Hall to see our products; apart from the TV buyers can also acquire other solar-powered appliances such as haircutters, music systems and radios, irons and business solutions such as multiple phone chargers. Mobisol is also focusing on conserving the environment – while, at the same time, the electricity we provide offers an opportunity for people to utilize it for various income generating activities which improve their economic wellbeing”.

To date, Mobisol has installed over 50,000 solar home systems across East Africa. Their systems come in varying sizes from 80 to 200 Wp to match the various energy needs of different households and its solar home systems provide enough electricity to power entire households or businesses with bright LED lights, and run radios, charge mobile phones and power a variety of household and consumer appliances.

The larger systems can also power small businesses enabling entrepreneurial customers to create additional income. Mobisol has shops in most parts of Tanzania that are popular known as MobiShop.

In 2015, Mobisol won the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)’s Momentum for Change Award and also a TV was recently awarded by LEAP as one of the best off grid appliances and is featured in their 2016 guide for outstanding solar and off-grid appliances.

"The Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP) is the Clean Energy Ministerial’s energy access initiative, and is led by the U.S. Department of Energy. Global LEAP was launched as a commitment to the Sustainable Energy for All campaign, and its programs and initiatives support the growth of sustainable commercial clean energy access markets throughout the developing world.
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